So who am I?

I am an almost 20 year old clinging to her teenage years somewhat in the fear the numbers 2-0 mean actual adulthood

A people person. I love people, I have been known to lose my voice from talking too much (I am also a talker).

A feeder. Not a chef or baker persay but a feeder. I throw food at most situations (not literally I’m not an animal). Had a bad day? Ill bake you a cake. Feeling stressed out? You’ll get a dinner invitation. I joked before Uni I would use cake to make friends but worryingly this tactic has been accidentally implemented a number of times.

A Business student. I study Business management with Communications at the University of Birmingham. So far this included a lot more maths that I anticipated and pleasingly less essays that I imagined.

An ex Art student. I did a foundation diploma in Art and Design with UAL last year. But have retired the worksheets and sketchbooks in favour of work classes and textbooks. Currently working as a volunteer curator at a gallery in Birmingham.

A photo fanatic. My uni walls…and any surface really in my room are covered in photos, I essentially live inside a visual scrapbook, which I love. I am also now a polaroid owner having taken my photo obsession to a new level. Those that hang out with me lives in constant fear and anticipation of spontaneous photoshoots.

A massive book nerd. I had to give in to the digital revolution and buy a kindle simply because I cant carry enough books in my suitcase on holiday. If you need me I’ll be curled up or sprawled out with a book somewhere.

A stationary addict. I buy way too many notebooks and have way too little regrets about this.

A Christian, not the altar and goblet type that has probably just sprung to your mind. In fact my church is held in a night club , with a pastor who pairs his dog collar with a denim jacket.

I intend this blog to me about all of the above and then some. My life in Birmingham, back home, and all the places visited inbetween.

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