Moving 3 times in 1 year

The Guardian calls it ‘commuter culture’. Our generations tendency to not stay in one place, uprooting much more frequently than  generations before. Rapid urbanization is one element that has led to these transient communities, that I this past year unknowingly joined. TranscientThis didn’t dawn on me till the other day when I was upgrading my phone contract. “Can I have your post code please?”, I don’t think the sales assistant expected me to look so confused by such a simple question. Seeing my hesitance he added “the one your current card is registered too”, this clarification meaning I quickly reeled off the address of my childhood home.  My confusion caused by the realization it could be one of four post codes. Feeling the need to explain myself I attempted to explain that I live in Birmingham for University, but my card and bank address are still registered to the childhood home I moved from 8 months ago in Oxford as my mum and brothers now live near London and my Dad lives locally (before he wondered why an earth I was in Dorchester). Confused? Yeah he was too.

In the past year I moved from University Halls to my University House, and from my childhood home near Oxford to High Wycombe, and my Dad moved from his temporary flat down south to our future family home in Dorchester.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

And so one year on I’m still writing about the same things (see my rather emotional post about when I moved out from my childhood home and all this started here). This left me wondering 365 days on where this leaves me? The girl who has always avidly avoided and detested change has now moved 3 times, and called 5 places home all within 365 days.

Yet this time I’m not so sad.

Yes the change was forced, and I did by no means embrace it with open arms (more like kicking and screaming actually…sorry Mum and Dad) but a year later and me and change are starting to get a long I think. We’re not best friends, but I don’t eye it with the same distain I used to, rather an anxious smile worn by someone whose eager but nervous to take it on.

In fact the idea of change has started to excite me. The thought of getting to live in lots of places, exploring them, finding new favourite spots and just experiencing different ways and rhythms of life has begun to excite me. Whereas I used to be a meticulous planner, now I’m happy to admit I have no idea where I’ll be living in a years time…and I’m ok with that.

All this makes me glad that I made time to blog again (see my post about why I gave up blogging here). It’s forced me to reflect on the past year, and see that I’ve changed location but also changed my attitude towards change for the better.

Here’s to all the next year brings…who knows where I could be in 365 days!



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