Part 1.

I plan to do a new series call the Intern Diaries as somehow I find myself a serial intern, undertaking two internships and the course of the summer and a third starting in September….because I don’t appreciate the value of free time or working for money it appears.

Firstly I am interning with a local social enterprise in Birmingham called Adullam Housing association that has a social enterprise sub-sect  that train up those who are in vulnerable situations to provide them with an income, crucial skills,  and a base for future employment through the provision of training and vocational skills. I will be doing market research and communications work for them.

Secondly I am interning with Know the Origin an ethical clothing company based in London check them out here…  stay tune to here more about this one but in the meanwhile you can go treat yourself to some lovely new clothes… environmentally friendly AND cruelty free!

And last but not least throughout my third (and final) year at University I am working as the Student engagement intern for the Department of Alumni relations at UOB (University of Birmingham). My work will be mainly marketing and PR based as well working on developing ways to better engage current students with the philanthropic work happening on campus.

I will also be working a part time job at the weekends (because I do at least value the necessity of food and need money so as not to live off beans and rice). SO who knows how often I will have a second to write posts but I’m keen to get a few up to document my time at each company/organisation.


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