For those who brunch

This post should really be entitled; to those that spend money they shouldn’t have on going out for food…

I’m a little behind on blog posts about what I’ve been up to in Brum (*cough 4 months without a post…oops*). So I thought I would do a a general foodie overview about some of the places I have frequented this year.

I wouldn’t say I have gone too over board with eating out this year..I am on a budget after all, and therefore this is by no means an extensive list, and certainly one I hope to add to in my time here. This being said, I have explored a few spots around Birmingham during my first year at Uni here that I think are worth sharing.

The first couple of spots are situated in Harbourne, a suburb of Birmingham that was a twenty minute walk from my Halls and where I tended to do my food shop. It’s full of cute cafe’s and pub’s and one in particular really good Ice cream parlor. In fact there’s far too many places I have yet to try out. But without further ado;

The Plough

A pub-bistro at the end of the hightstreet, with the coolest decor. They have an old water cooler full of rosemary and lemon water, a cabinet full of vintage Star wars figurines, quirky lightbulbs, and a gorgeous outside seating area, alongside two bars…fair to say I spend a lot of my time oogling and photographing the decor each time I’m there.

With a lunchtime Calzone deal (they’re huge calzone’s with two extra fillings and a drink for £8) this spot has been frequented by us for many a lunch. Their breakfast menu as well is extensive, and very filling. Their hot chocolates come complete with oreos on the side as well.


Boston Tea party


Talking of quirky lightbulbs, BTP is full of them. Their cake menu is huge and freshly prepared and displayed across their counter to tempt you as you queue to place your order.

Their vegetarian sweetcorn fritter burger is my highest recommendation, alongside their sweet potato fritters. All it’s dishes are served on vintage metal trays, and they have a sink with cute glasses for you to grab your own tap water (convenient for students who can’t afford a drink with their meal).

Their milkshakes and smoothies however are definitely worth an order. They’re most infamous for their all day brunch menu. BTP is a chain I would definitely recommend you finding your local branch of. It’s great to pop to for most occasions, they have a nice enough dinner menu that makes it a great spot for a dinner date, or tea out with the family. And all day brunch makes it a go to spot for breakfast out as theres no rush to get there before 12! But it’s also great to pop to for a milkshake or smoothie or cheeky slice of cake.

The York Street Bakery

A cute cafe right by New street station, that I was introduced to by a friend last term. The main thing I took away from our brunch there was the amazing customer service. Both my and I ordered salmon and dill omelettes (I am a student I promise, but it was payday), hers with avocado which held it up a bit in the kitchen. They apologized twice, and on the second time when they came to our table to tell us it would be 5 minutes late (they had noticed I hadn’t started as I was waiting for us to eat together) they offered us both a complimentary drink. Meaning I can highly recommend their dark hot chocolate, which considering it was dark was really sweet. This to me seemed like great service, to give us both a drink. We also got the raspberry and apple smoothies which I would definitely recommend. The decor also caught my eye (you can see a theme with all these spots can’t you) was cute and quirky.

Arco Lounge

Another Harbourne Hotspot that I tried out during exam period. Upon realizing I hadn’t left the flat in 3 days I begged a friend to come revise in a cafe with me. The Arco lounge was perfect for this, it was quiet and chilled in there, with really friendly staff. It’s actually a chain but each are named differently, we have a Como lounge back home, and my dad lives right by a Vevo lounge. Each are decorated with a very vintage decor, lots of differently shaped lampshades and paintings dotted around. I know from home that they do a good food menu, but we only ordered drinks. However their homemade lemonade was amazing, as well as their thick shakes. We saw advertised that they have tapas nights and pub quiz tuesdays so no doubt we will return!


Cafe Horchata Food van 

My final recommendation might be a little harder to track down. In a previous post I talked about Digbeth dining club, I first tried their deconstructed taco’s there which I talk about more in that post. I was excited to see their van again at Vale Fest, our university’s one day summer festival held after exams. I wouldn’t recommend the bean taco, and the chicken was a little spicy for me however the mincemeat option is amazing. The staff both times have been so friendly and will happily make alterations to their suggested combinations of toppings, as well as talk you through all the ingredients (I’m a bit spice sensitive- for which I am greatly mocked- so asked them to avoid anything chilli based)

I have a list as long of my arm of places to visit in Brum, so hopefully there will be a lot more posts across my second year of spots I have tried out!


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