Digbeth Dining Club

This friday me and a couple of friends escaped the student bubble to Digbeth, the vintage and art district in Birmingham.


Digbeth dining club is Birminghams answer to Londons pop up food revolution. Every friday a different selection of food vans park up under a marquee Digbeth, where young people and foodies alike flock to try a new selection of street food.

The Vans all connect up to a couple of bars. With live music, DJ’s, graffiti artists, and vintage game consoles and TV’s the whole vibe is very “hipster”.


Communal seating areas fill the downstairs, and upstairs the ceilings are draped in material, with vintage cabinets and lampshades filling the area.

The food is cooked in front of you and the selection is wide, our group tried crumbled Mexican chorizo taco’s from Cafe Horchata’s van, and thai noodle curry from Buddha Belly’s stand.

I will 100% be going back to Digbeth on many a friday to try more food, and just enjoy that side of Birmingham. Would recommend to anyone in the Birmingham area.




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